Miguel Diaz-Canel on government visit to Sancti Spiritus

Miguel Diaz-Canel on government visit to Sancti Spiritus

The President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, began on Thursday a government visit to the territory of Sancti Spiritus, the second he makes to a Cuban province so far this year, after last week, he toured several municipalities of Las Tunas.

The Cuban Vice-President, Salvador Valdes Mesa; the Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz; and several other members of the Council of Ministers, who accompany the Cuban president, were also deployed in the province, as part of a work system that tracks the main economic plans of the nation and the strategy to face the resurgence of the blockade of the United States to the island.

Diaz-Canel himself announced the visit on Twitter, where he wrote: We are on our way to Sancti Spiritus to carry on the visit of the Council of Ministers.

Accompanied by Ramiro Valdes Menendez, member of the Political Bureau and deputy prime minister; Deivy Perez Martin, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Sancti Spiritus, and Teresita Romero Rodriguez, recently elected as governor of the province, as well as by other members of the government team, the president began his tour by the Uruguay Sugar Mill, in the municipality of Jatibonico, a paradigm of sugar production in Cuba.

The second government visit to the province of Sancti Spiritus, headed by Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel, included today tours of a cement factory and a livestock company, important economic centers in that territory.

The Siguaney factory located in the municipality of Taguasco produces white cement and thus contributes to the rehabilitation, conservation and construction of new buildings, a priority for the Cuban government, the presidency detailed on Twitter.

The working agenda included an exchange at the Managuaco Livestock Company, which is vital for contributing to the production of food for Cuban families.

Diaz-Canel and members of the Council of Ministers began the second government visit to Sancti Spiritus in Uruguay sugar cane factory in Jatibonico municipality, where they discussed the progress of the sugar cane harvest.

The tour will evaluate the measures previously taken there as part of the central government's strategy to connect with the solutions to the problems in the territories, the Presidency announced.