With the appointment of the Municipal Mayors this Saturday, Cuba continues to materialize its new Constitution

With the appointment of the Municipal Mayors this Saturday, Cuba continues to materialize its new Constitution

Turning the content of our Constitution into a reality does not only depend on an intense legislative exercise, but on the support of all the people for each of the goals we set as a nation.

Cuba is living transcendental moments. Any other term would not be able to express the necessary dimension when referring to the processes promoted by the country in the political, economic and social orders, under a legitimate and supreme purpose: the sustainability, prosperity and survival of the only political system capable of allowing the human beings achieving their full development and personal fulfillment, in conditions of respect and dignity.

We have set ourselves goals as a nation that in turn translate into the collective will to generate, through the concepts of participation, democracy, integration and creative and consensual ideas; the changes and transformations essential to guarantee that supreme purpose already described.

The approval and gradual implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, the approval of the Development Plan until the 2030 and the Conceptualization of our model, became a prelude to the high goals we set for ourselves.

When on February 24th, 2019, the new Constitution of the Republic was endorsed at a national referendum, we attended the supreme expression of the right directions that the country would follow and the role of the people in each of them.

However, the Constitution, aside from the intense work of a commission created for that purpose, of the national consultation process, and of the analyzes within the Cuban Parliament, also left a second reading for Cubans: it was only the starting point, as its approval would follow an intense legislative exercise that is not exclusive of the Cuban deputies, it also implies the elevation of the legal culture of the people and the unity of all the factors of our society around the necessary steps to turn it into a reality. Steps like the one made last January 18th.

Also, the Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Thursday highlighted the upcoming elections of municipal intendants on Saturday, as established by the Constitution approved in 2019.

The president shared an article from Granma newspaper on his Twitter account about the elections of those public posts in all 168 Cuban municipalities.

Recently, the delegates from the municipal assemblies, as representatives of the people, elected the provincial governors and vice governors proposed by the President of the Republic, in accordance with the Constitution.

The intendants will head the Municipal Administration Councils, which will be in charge of meeting the needs of the economy, health care, assistance, education, culture, sports and recreation in each territory, according to Article 201 of the Constitution.

The Municipal Mayor: a new figure whose role is decisive for the direction, control and progress of the executive and administrative activities of the people.

The Mayor shall preside over the Municipal Administration Council, while the said administration is in charge, as it is defined in Article 201 of the constitution, of satisfying, among others, the needs of the economy, the health, the welfare, the educational, the cultural, the sports and the recreational activities of the community of the territory to which its jurisdiction extends, as well as executing those tasks related to the prevention and social care.

It is precisely the designation of those who will occupy that position, the step that follows in correspondence with the transitory provisions defined in the constitutional text. Directly, the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies will designate them, on the basis of a proposal from their president.

These changes in the structure of the State, which are materializing according to the established deadlines, speak of an organic direction of the country. In accordance with the idea of ​​establishing a more horizontal conduct of the processes, we bet on the understanding not only of those who occupy political or administrative positions, but of the people in general, that we need to place creativity, intellect and responsibility for all, depending on the progress of our society