Cubans express outrage at acts of vandalism against Marti's busts

Cubans express outrage at acts of vandalism against Marti's busts

The acts of vandalism against several busts of Cuba's National Hero, Jose Marti, by two confessed individuals paid by the Miami-based counterrevolution continues to provoke reactions of citizen outrage here.

Above all, it is based on a report transmitted the day before on television, in which the vandals confess their political motivations and subordination to elements from the United States that promote subversion in Cuba.

Aurora Castellano, from the counter of the cafeteria where she works in Vedado, in this capital city, told Prensa Latina that the dubious morality of those involved and their intentions 'arouse the unity of the Cubans and the homage to Marti.

In the report of the National Television News, Panter Rodriguez Baro, 44, and Yoel Prieto Tamayo, 29, admit their participation in the acts of vandalism for which they stained the busts of the Apostle of Cuban independence with pig's blood, as well as some fences.

In addition, they mention the names of those from Miami who financed these acts, which were widely publicized by other people on the social networks with the intention of distorting the national reality.

The television footage also describes the expert work of the Cuban police, which enabled the swift arrest of the perpetrators of the outrage against Jose Marti and the Cuban people.

A total of 11 busts of Jose Marti and three billboards with political messages were desecrated with pig's blood in schools, institutions and public places in different municipalities of the capital.

Such acts happened in the early morning of January 1, when Cuba was celebrating the advent of the 61st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Behind the detainees there are people from the counterrevolution and terrorist groups, which is denounced in the social networks with the label #Vandalosdelimperio.