Cuban Youth Rejects New Maneuver of the United States

Cuban Youth Rejects New Maneuver of the United States

The new maneuver of the United States Government to create a task force on the Internet, under the pretext of promoting the free flow of information in Cuba, constitutes an interference that seeks to subvert the internal order in the country.

This offer from the US government comes wrapped in cellophane, but the alleged gift is highly poisonous given its subversive content, which aims at influencing, in a special way, to the youngest.

As they have done in the past, US officials use seductive phrases to disguise their obsessions and spurious interests; now they follow the mandates of President Donald Trump.

"Neither by force nor by seduction" is the title of the article, which alludes to the presidential memorandum of June 2017 in which Trump announced a change of policy towards Cuba that implied the reinforcement of the blockade, the travel restrictions and a setback in bilateral relations.

Cuba does not need any Task Force on the Internet. Thanks to the political will of the Cuban State, the computerization of our society advances by ourselves and with our own efforts, despite the genocidal blockade, the main obstacle to the country's development.

The computerization policy goes forward with a safe passage for the benefit of the whole society, particularly of its children, adolescents and young people, many of them protagonists of the achieved results, thanks to the greatness of the educational work.

Before the creation of this Special Group that met today at the headquarters of the State Department to elucidate nefarious plans against Cuba, our youth responds with the same conviction of Fidel on July 29th, 2000: "The Cuban Revolution cannot be destroyed by the strength or seduction