Cuba will maintain guarantor status in the Colombian Peace Dialogues

For the time being, Cuba will maintain its status as guarantor of the implementation of the peace agreement between the Government and the Colombian Armed Forces (FARC-EP). This was announced at a press conference by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Greater Antilles, Rogelio Sierra Díaz.

We hope that the Colombian State recognizes the validity of the agreements signed with other states and complies with those commitments, in particular with the protocol for breaking the dialogue with the National Liberation Army (ELN). ”

The Cuban diplomat explained that Cuba's position in the process to achieve peace in Colombia has been questioned by the United States government and used as a pretext to include Cuba in the list of countries that supposedly do not fully cooperate in US efforts. United States against terrorism.

Days later, the US, again arbitrarily, unilaterally and without foundation, included Cuba in an annual report by the State Department on international terrorism, calling our country a "safe haven" for terrorists, precisely because of the presence in Cuba of the ELN peace delegation ”.

Sierra Díaz stressed that the presence of the ELN peace delegation in Havana was recognized by President Iván Duque during the first four months of his term, until the dialogues were broken as a result of the attack against the Bogota Police Cadet School. .

Faced with this regrettable incident, Cuba expressed its condemnation and rejection of all acts, methods and terrorist practices. However, the Colombian government broke off the dialogue with the ELN and ignored a previously agreed Rupture Protocol for these cases, and issued Interpol arrest warrants against members of the ELN peace delegation based in Havana.

"For Cuba, it is contradictory that the Colombian government has recognized on several occasions, both publicly and privately, the role of guarantor of Cuba in the peace process with the FARC and, nevertheless, unaware of agreements signed with our country, also in condition of guarantors, in the peace process with the ELN ”.

The representative of Cuban diplomacy emphasized that "Cuba has always acted from the condition of guarantor with impartiality, transparency, discretion and at the request of both parties" with the objective of comprehensive peace in Colombia.