USA: contradictions in an open book

The main question goes beyond the mere publication of a book. The truly transcendent fact is its ability to reveal, once again, the characteristics of the imperialist system within the White House: its hegemonic ideology, its warlike and coercive doctrine towards other nations above International Law and, especially, its profound contradictions.

The memoir of John Bolton, former National Security Adviser of the Donald Trump administration, entitled The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, which these days monopolizes the media attention, reveals the essences of the US establishment, which remain unchanged, regardless of who occupies the chair of the Oval Office. Over and above criticism of the actions or obsession with reelection of a president, he shows how the imperial system as a whole "thinks and projects".

The Monroe Doctrine, synthesized in the well-known phrase "America for the Americans", was conceived in 1823 and, since then, has been present in the foreign policy of the us. uu., as well as their desire for domination over the peoples of Our America. The declarations of Bolton's text ratify it by revealing Washington's true interest in Venezuela. On the one hand, he expressed his concern about the relationship of Caracas with Cuba, Russia, China and Iran, and, on the other hand, he recognizes that: "Trump insisted that he wanted military options for Venezuela and, later, to keep it because" it is really part of U.S"". This is how they think about the White House and then they insist on deceiving the planet with campaigns in the name of the supposed "freedom, human rights and democracy" to achieve their goals.

This is how the United States has historically acted. He changes tactics, but maintains his hegemonic strategy worldwide. This book ratifies it with numerous examples. Why reveal it now? Perhaps because the American system is shaken by a deep crisis, due to mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic, police brutality, racism, and inequality, among other factors.

The dissemination of the work becomes an escape valve from these contradictions and implicitly discovers the political struggles in Washington, which are the order of the day in electoral times. Bolton himself evidences them. Let us not forget that this imperial hawk accepted or accepted, until very recently, Trump's ideas as a member of his clique, those that he denounces today in his publication.

About Cuba, the same lies of yesteryear. Bolton forgot that, for a long time, the Cuban people have been aware "that imperialism cannot be trusted, but not that much, nothing." The response of this Island is more than 60 years old.