US suffers notable rebound in positive cases due to COVID-19

Three of the most populous states in the United States: Florida, Texas and Arizona this week recorded records in the number of daily coronavirus infections.

However, state authorities are not planning to change their plans to reopen the economy, in line with an accelerated script to end social confinement, backed by Donald Trump's electoral urgencies.

For example, Florida has added thousands of new cases of COVID-19 daily for more than two weeks, but the governor, Ron de Santis, confirmed that there will be no possibility of backsliding in the relaxation of the restrictions implemented at the beginning of the epidemic.

The so-called Sunshine State reported more than 2,600 new cases on Wednesday and Arizona more than 1,800, the second highest daily increase for both states.

COVID-19 hospitalizations are also rising or at record levels, but unlike the peaks reported in new infections, the revenue cannot simply be attributed to increased testing, according to experts.

In Florida, part of the increase has been linked to the reopening of bars, where people crowd, making it easier for the virus to spread.

This is what happened when 16 young people decided to celebrate the birthday of a friend and went to a recently reopened bar in Jacksonville Beach on June 6 and, apparently, they had a festive meeting, until they ran into the covid-19, as reviewed CNN.

All 16 young people tested positive for coronavirus days later, and have learned that other people who also went to that place became ill.

Three of those who attended that party at the bar told CNN that the place was full and that none of the 16 friends wore a mask, nor was it used by the rest of those present at the place.

"Being there before all those people, we knew we were going too far," young Kat Laytona admitted to CNN.

She and her friends apparently initially thought that covid-19 was no longer a clear threat, given the reopening declared by the Florida government and communications regarding it from state authorities and the federal administration.

But now, the 16 people are convinced that they got the coronavirus in that bar and although they have suffered minor symptoms, they wanted to alert society to the high risk of premature reopening:

"I feel stupid, it is too soon," said Erika Crisp, in connection with her visit to that bar and the resumption of activities in Florida.

Texas also points to bars as one of the origins of its outbreak, while in Oregon more than 200 new cases are related to events in a church.

Oklahoma, where cases are increasing rapidly, is preparing for Donald Trump to hold an election ceremony next Saturday in a closed room.

Restaurants, bars and closed places, especially if people do not wear masks there, are sources of high risk of contagion from coronavirus, according to experts.

More than two million people have been infected with the virus in the United States and more than 116,000 have died from COVID-19, the highest number in the world.