Venezuela Will Not Surrender to US, Cabello States

Venezuela Will Not Surrender to US, Cabello States

The President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, affirmed that the Venezuelan people remain full of courage to defend the country''s independence and sovereignty in the face of attacks from the United States.

'If imperialism believes that it is going to make our people surrender, due to pressure, threats or blockades, it will be in for another big surprise, this dignified people does not know how to surrender,' he posted on Twitter.

In this regard, Cabello recalled the independence struggles of 200 years ago, and assured that Venezuelans are waiting for the moment to fight, 'to win,' he added.

He also insisted on the need to raise the national flag as a symbol of the sovereignty of the Bolivarian territory, and in rejection of the new executive order of U.S. President Donald Trump, who is attempting to completely blockade the Venezuelan economy.

In this sense, the Executive insisted on the need for 'national civil-military unity to move with firmness and patriotism towards the ratification of the irrevocably independent nature of Venezuela, overcoming together any obstacle that stands in the way of defending the Homeland and its sacred national sovereignty,' a statement said.

The White House confirmed Tuesday that Trump signed an executive order to block all assets and property interests owned by the Venezuelan government that are under U.S. jurisdiction.

The measure also authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to impose sanctions on those who support the executive of Nicolas Maduro, whom Washington describes as illegitimate despite the fact that the Venezuelan president was re-elected to office in May 2018, with 68 percent of the vote.