Venezuelan President Reiterates Unitary Character of Forum of Sao Paulo

Venezuelan President Reiterates Unitary Character of Forum of Sao Paulo

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated today that the 25th Forum of Sao Paulo taken place here, demonstrated the unitary character of the continental and world leftwing forces.

By means of the social network Twitter, the Venezuelan Head of State specified the need to maintain the work to consolidate the progressive forces in a single emancipation project.

'The Forum of Sao Paulo is a clear and irrefutable sample which shows that we are more united than ever, from the moral, spiritual and political point of view.

Earlier than later, we will be able to agglutinate all the progressive forces in a great project and unite our peoples,' Maduro wrote in the digital platform.

At the closing of the event of political consultation that gathered over 100 organizations during four days in Caracas, the Venezuelan leader thanked the backup to Venezuela manifested by the leftwing, in front of the interference actions by the Government of the United States and allies.

From the Palacio of Miraflores (headquarters of the Executive), Maduro assured that the Venezuelan people will maintain the fight in defense of their sovereignty and self-determination.

In allusion to the comments of the right that refer to a supposed dictatorial regime in the South American country, the leader assured that the Venezuelans would never accept the imposition of a dictatorship, given his deep democratic character and sovereign.

Also, Maduro urged the delegates of the Forum to rescue the ideal sowed by Hugo Chavez (1954-2013), a thought that is translated in a 'autochthonous answer to the pattern pro imperialistic tax in Venezuela'.