Forthright Dialogue to Strengthen Peace in Venezuela, Maduro Says

Forthright Dialogue to Strengthen Peace in Venezuela, Maduro Says

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated on Tuesday that clearing the way for dialogue between political actors of Venezuela will allow to strengthening peaceful coexistence and unity among all sectors of the South American nation.

'To strengthen bonds of friendship and build bridges that open door for sincere, straightforward dialogues, will allow, sooner or later, to establish firmly the national union and peace in Venezuela,' Maduro live-tweeted.

In statements to the press, Nicolas Maduro confirmed on Monday Venezuela´s commitment to peaceful solution to political crisis through new cycle of talks held in Barbados, under the auspices of the Kingdom of Norway.

Maduro uttered that the proposal offered by the Venezuelan government includes six first-order items for the recovery of the country.

'We are referring to an agenda of partial agreements for the benefit of Venezuela, and enough of sterile conflicts,' Maduro said.

During the first day, the sides carried out a five-hour session in pursuit of non-violence and strengthening of a constructive dialogue for Venezuela, Maduro stressed.