For the vitality of the cultural institutions of Villa Clara

For the vitality of the cultural institutions of Villa Clara

It is very encouraging that in the midst of the current complex economic scenario of the country, Villa Clara is determined to revive its cultural institutions and maintain the vitality of its artistic proposals.

This is how the Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso Grau, summarized his tour of various institutions of this sector in the provincial capital and of the municipality of Placetas. The tour began with a visit to the Agustin Jimenez Crespo Concert Hall, the former Cubanacan cinema, a space won in favor of music in the middle of the Boulevard of the city of Santa Clara. The investment project, still in development, foresees some 300 seats of capacity, as well as other spaces for offices and the archives of the Provincial Symphony Orchestra.

At the Orange Moon, the new headquarters of Trovuntivitis, the Minister of Culture confirmed the progress in the repair process of the property while also assessing the work of the plastic artist Leonardo Montiel and his creation group La Tarequera, in charge of the decoration of this downtown place that had its "baptism of fire" at the 2020 Longina Festival.

Also immersed at a construction process, the Provincial Museum prepares a new design for the assembly of its rooms. There, Alpidio Alonso emphasized the importance of turning this center into a reference cultural enclave for the community of the Osvaldo Herrera Neighborhood.

During his visit to Santa Clara, the Minister of Culture also visited the Provincial Center for Artistic Teaching, where maintenance and repair actions have improved the living conditions of the students staying there and their training spaces.

The school has advanced in its interweaving with the local cultural institutions and the artistic avant-garde of the territory. However, Alonso Grau pointed out that creating new spaces for the artistic appreciation and debate that nurture the boys with both the Cuban and the universal cultural heritage is still a necessity.

In Placetas, Alpidio Alonso toured the Casallas Park, the Youth Club and the Gonzalo Castanon Gusdino House of Culture, a property with a high heritage value, which was restored to the pride of the local people, and that it has already revitalized some of its usual activities and proposals.