Luis Manuel Perez Boitel predicts that there will be poetry for a while

Luis Manuel Perez Boitel predicts that there will be poetry for a while

During the International Book Fair of Havana, the Nicolas Guillen National Poetry Prize is awarded, which was delivered to the writer from Remedios at the end of last January.

From his native Remedios, Luis Manuel Perez Boitel appears as one of the most significant authors of the Cuban poetry.

Just a few days ago, the news about he obtaining the deserved Nicolas Guillen National Poetry Prize went round the whole country.

“The Nature of the summer”, the winning poetry book, resumed the thematic path of insularity, an area that, according to Boitel, has been little explored in the contemporary Cuban poetry.

In this case I tried to dialogue with the Caribbean and, in that context, I addressed the issue of its landscape, of the relations with my family. It is a book of about one hundred pages that I am sure will be published next year, said the poet in his telephone conversation with the CMHW.

Receiving the prize that bears the name of the Cuban national poet, another of the great poets of the Caribbean, is for Boitel a way to share the aesthetic budgets with him and worship that chapter of the work of "our Nicholas", less recognized among the critics and the readers.

In his opinion, the Cuban poetry shows today an orgiastic panorama where various aesthetics converge. We have a very strong legacy, with a long tradition from Marti, Heredia, Julian del Casal, Eliseo Diego, Lezama Lima, or Guillen himself, so it must be understood from the crossroads of several generations.

The way is to value all the poets in their entirety, without ruling out the poetry that is made in the province, in the end those who achieve a temporary canon that may exist at a given time will always be imposed.