A passion without limits

A passion without limits

Listening to the music of Osmany Valdes Llusa is a privilege. This 20-year-old blind man, due to a premature retinopathy, finds nothing impossible ahead of him.

Osmany studies the specialty of music at the Samuel Feijoo Professional School of Art. In addition to singing, he dominates the guitar and the harmonica, and he owes everything to his talent and his family; as he told us in his story:

When I was three years old I wanted to sing, especially Mexican songs. My parents recorded me, and then, those who heard me said: “Is that a record", "Who is singing that?" They didn't think it was me.

Then, some friends of my parents gave me a guitar, and they also found me a guitar teacher, from whom I learned so much. Today, it is enough for me to listen to a song two or three times to play it by heart.

My family has been totally supportive, I owe them my participation at music festivals, and the awards I have obtained. I have played with groups, almost always of Mexican music, which I love, although I also play traditional Cuban music. My family has supported me a lot.

Since I arrived at the School of Art, all my classmates immediately wanted to help me. When they saw me writing in Braille, everyone was interested in helping me. From the first day everyone has helped me, and although the teachers do not understand Braille, they are patient with me.

Osmany describes his passion for the harmonica, which he began to study as a teenager and which, like his guitar, can no longer be detached from.

I play the harmonica since I was in high school. One day there was a man playing it and he caught my attention, and he gave me another harmonica he had in his house. I practiced a lot with it, until, suddenly, it occurred to me to accompany with the harmonica the melody that I already played with my guitar. Today, I play three instruments: the harmonica, the guitar, and my voice. I created that ability to play all three instruments at the same time and make my music more beautiful and complete.

I tell the boys who suffer from low vision or complete blindness to be motivated to do what they want, to allow themselves doing everything they dream of. My experience: I'm going to graduate as an Art Instructor and I will soon be a professional. I want to sing a lot, to sing throughout Cuba, so everyone can hear me and enjoy of what I do, because when I sing I feel an immense joy.

He is Osmany Valdes Llusa, a talented young man attending the Samuel Feijoo Professional School of Art, for whom music, like his perseverance, has no limits.