Jose Marti is present in the aesthetic-environmental education

Jose Marti is present in the aesthetic-environmental education

A novel perspective on the teaching values ​​aimed at facing the consequences of the current socio-environmental crisis is the strategy proposed by Dr. Lurima Estevez Alvarez, who for over two years has been presiding over the Latin American Agency for the Development of Environmental Education (ALDEA).

This philologist, who has become a social scientist with an extensive research developed in Chile, has just presented her book "Aesthetic-environmental education" in Santa Clara, while she also commented on her line of studies:

I have been working with my husband who is a Chilean professor and my father, Dr. Pablo Rene Estevez. We tried to find new ways to understand our values, from the aesthetic perspective of the environmental education.

We focused on the ability to feel that we are human beings, to develop the sensitivity of being citizens. We will not achieve a socio-environmental awareness if we do not develop that sensitivity of being human beings interconnected with the environment and with ourselves. Sometimes the people live just the day, without caring for the surrounding environment, hence the need for this perspective of aesthetic-environmental education.

The aesthetic-environmental awareness is the fundamental methodological tool for sowing aesthetic and environmental values ​​among the citizens. It is the key to fostering the ethics to safeguard our environment and our future as a generation.

Lurima confessed that much of her thinking has its roots on the teachings of Jose Marti, given the undeniable pedagogical contributions present in the work of the Apostle. When we delved deeper into Marti's work, we realized that he was a forecaster of many of the problems that are happening today. He showed the path to reflection as the first step to change. Marti saw this as the only way to turn the individual into a human being and into a social being. Jose Marti is the key to everything.