UPEC awards Provincial Journalism Prize in Villa Clara

UPEC awards Provincial Journalism Prize in Villa Clara

The journalists from Villa Clara paid tribute to the Cuban National Hero Jose Marti at the awards ceremony of the provincial competitions of the guild, which was attended by Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in Villa Clara.

The Ifrain Sacerio Guardado Provincial Prize for Journalism that highlights the work of the year in the different press media was awarded in Hypermedia to Yudith Delgado, of Radio Caibarien; the graphic journalism prize was awarded to Ramon Barreras, of the Vanguardia Newspaper; in written press the prize went to Freddy Perez Cabrera; in Television the prize was obtained by Hilda Cerdenas Conyedo; and on Radio to prize went to Abel Falcon Curi.

The Mario Rodriguez Aleman Provincial Journalism Contest awarded three prizes, in the categories of Hypermedia, Graphic Journalism, Written Press, and the Radio and Television specialties.

In Hypermedia, the journalist of the Vanguard Newspaper, Leslie Diaz Monserrat, obtained the first place; in Graphic Journalism the main laureate was Javier Fernandez Perez, of the UCLV; while in the Written Press, the winner was Liena Maria Nieves Portal, from Vanguardia; in Television the prize was obtained by Frank Rodriguez, from the Telecentro of Caibarien, and in Radio the main prize went to Lis Beatriz Martinez Vivero, from Sagua la Grande.

In addition, the Special Prize “Fidel Forever” was given to the journalist Dalia Reyes Perera, of the CMHW for the whole of her work dedicated to highlighting the permanent presence of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution in the society we build today.