Longina Troubadour Festival returns to Santa Clara

Longina Troubadour Festival returns to Santa Clara

From January 8th to January 12th, Santa Clara will host the Longina National Encounter of Troubadours, an intergenerational event that this time will be dedicated to the ICAIC Sound Experimentation Group (GESI), in tribute to the enormous footprint that project left on the Cuban cinema and music.

The Longina Festival will remember the work of the troubadours that made up the group. Among the spaces designed for this purpose are the presentation of the album Amor Deluxe, by Haydee Milanes, made up of songs by his father, and Miriam Ramos will offer a concert with songs by Noel Nicola.

Meanwhile, Marta Campos, Heidi Igualada, and Juan Carlos Perez will remember the space “El Patio de la Gorda” to commemorate the work of Sara Gonzalez. Exponents of the wave of younger singers such as Pedro O'Reilly, Yeny Turino, Tobias Alfonso, Frank Michel Chirino, Erick Mendilahaxon, Amauri del Rio, and Yaily Orozco will perform, together with the local group Punto de Partida, a concert playing songs by Silvio Rodriguez.

The Longina Festival, always held on January, will once again assault several cultural centers of the city and will extend to other municipalities of the province, such as Cifuentes, Sagua la Grande, Quemado de Guines, Camajuani, Remedios, and Caibarien, where the traditional pilgrimage will take place to the tomb of Manuel Corona and Longina O'Farril next January 9th.

The 2020 Longina Festival has proposed to document, through various audiovisual formats, the work of several of the young troubadours of the country. With the support of the National Direction of the Saiz Brothers Association, and of the Provincial Directorate of Culture in Villa Clara.