Recognized culture workers in Villa Clara

Recognized culture workers in Villa Clara

Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the territory, extended her congratulations to all the artists and members of the sector, who every day ensure the most natural values ​​of our Island.

For the meritorious work and unconditional surrender were recognized the workers of the Culture sector in Villa Clara, who celebrate their day this December 14th. On this occasion, those who relentlessly bring art to the Cuban people, as a sword and shield of the nation, were entertained.

Aloes during the tribute, a group of colleagues who served in the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, received their Internationalist medal.

With extraordinary results in the 2018, the group of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property of the territory stood out, which received the status of National Distinguished Collective and in a more comprehensive way the municipality of Camajuani stood out.

Likewise, the 80th Anniversary seal of the CTC was delivered to Telecubanacan, which, with 35 years of creative work, boasts the laudable results of the province.

As a culmination of the tribute, the Government and Party leadership in Villa Clara recognized the 15 years of the Jose Marti Art Instructors Brigade, and the sustained work of the Provincial Directorate of Culture, in charge of Serguei Perez.