During the difficult months of the pandemic, the artisans and artists of the affiliate of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets (FCBC) of Villa Clara did not stop working, and now they are inserted into the summer plan and the actions dedicated to the 331 anniversary of the foundation from the provincial capital.

Ever since I personally met Jacqueline Arenal Farré at her father's house, my friend Humberto, I decided to conduct a long interview with her, because those who see her on screen or on the tables can appreciate her professionalism, but only those who have spoken to her he knows about their deep culture.

Humor is an efficient escape route for all of us who live in times of great stress and complexity, but today, in the middle of 2020, it is much more than that. The phenomenon of the meme has become a weapon of political and social struggle, and why not, it is also a cultural event in the world.

Only 33 years old, and you tell me so many things. You tell me joy, persistence, youth. Indescribable sound. A contagious tune. Familiar people who transcend the microphone. Yes, you tell me that and more, in your 33 years. You are still the smiling friend who wakes up every morning saying hello to Santa Clara, but you are also friends with all the people of Villa Clara, who place the dial on the exact tuning and frequency: 93.5 FM.

On the occasion of the 505th anniversary of the founding of the town of San Juan de los Remedios, the City Conservator's Office encourages the rescue and rehabilitation of the heritage buildings of this ancient town, which has contributed to our country a historic center declared National Heritage since 1980, and the pride of treasuring the parranderas traditions as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Social networks have become the main platform for the dissemination of the artistic work of the creators of Villa Clara during the period of social isolation that caused the COVID 19 pandemic, said Berta Guevara, the Director of the Guamo Group, for Communication and Villa Clara culture.

A new project with the suggestive name of Coronalife will feature artists from Villa Clara in all the municipalities of the province, in order to pay special tribute, through art and culture, to doctors and health personnel, as well as to the entire town who fought hard against the new coronavirus pandemic.