The teacher and musical director Antonio Tony Guzman will have the high honor of representing Villa Clara at the tribute concert that Cuba and the world will offer on Saturday, August 24th, in Cienfuegos, for the centenary of the birth of the greatest performer of the Cuban music: Benny More, known as the barbarian of the Rythm.

The film “A Translator”, a Cuban-Canadian co-production, directed by Cuban filmmakers residing abroad, featuring the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, will be shown this Thursday´s night, at the venue of the Writers Union and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Santa Clara.

The transcendence of the collection of heritage documents at the Provincial Historical Archive of Villa Clara, which is one of the most complete in the region, increases these days, during the celebration of the institution's half a century; as we are in times of urgency for the conservation and the dissemination of the historical memory protected there.

Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in Villa Clara; and the president of the Government in the province, Alberto Lopez Diaz; together with the authorities of Santa Clara, checked the march of the 2019 Carnival and the city festivals.

The Awards for the Foundation of the City of Santa Clara, a literary tradition that each year rewards those book projects in the search of broadening the spectrum of the letters in Cuba, were delivered in this city, with the special nuance of the 330th anniversary of the foundation of the city.

With the aim at offering to the audience from Villa Clara a space that stimulates the consumption of artistic products that are far from banality, the troubadour Leonardo Garcia and the writer Yamil Diaz Gomez will make a tour of several communities of the Cuban central geography during the summer months.