The final results of the September 28th Journalism Contest were announced this Friday. On the Radio category, the award went to “Cuba is born at the neighborhoods” by Minoska Cadalso Navarro, correspondent for Radio Rebelde in Villa Clara. Meanwhile, "Elisa Guardado, a planter of ideas" by Alexander Jimenez Diaz, from the CMHW, received a mention.

On September 8th, 1885, an unforgettable event happened in the local history: La Caridad Theater opened its doors. Today this architectural and artistic jewel celebrates its 135 years.

Conceived to help the poor people of Santa Clara by means of donating its proceeds, La Caridad Theater received since its very foundation the most notorious artists of the time in the fields of music, ballet and theater.

The Facebook profile of the renowned writer from Villa Clara Aristides Vega Chapu brings us news that reveals the cultural and literary activity of him and of his wife, the also writer Lidia Merino, despite the COVID-19.

A varied program featuring book launching, poetry readings, exhibitions, and the staging of plays in hard-to-reach communities will be part of the August 13th Conference, held in tribute to the young poets Luis and Sergio Saiz Montes de Oca and to the Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro (1926-2016).

The fact that a family lived for more than 50 years at La Caridad Theater is a singular element in the country. Listed at the National Heritage Registry with level 1, ours has the particularity of having been a home for the Valdes family, which in retribution to Marta Abreu, decisively contributed to the conservation of its pictorial environment.